Friday | 20  July 2018
The Company

Based in Singapore, Corrosion Proof Construction (Asia) Pte Ltd has more than 15 years of track records in the Coatings and Lining Industry.

Corrosion Resistant is our trade, to protect all types of structures against corrosion in harsh environments.

Our goal is to prevent all types of metal and concrete properties from disintegrating due to corrosion from chemicals and environmental exposures.

Our Core Values Of Practices

We specialize in the field of chemical resistant coatings, acid resistant tiles, industrial floor & wall coatings, containment lining and polymer membranes installation.

Our services are widely used in both new construction Finish Line Coupon Code and maintenance industries such as marine, offshore, semiconductors, WAFER, medical & health facilities, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals plants, etc.

Apart of proving service in the heavy duty industries, we also offer services in the commercial and residential buildings.
  . Professionalism And Excellence In Service

We always put our client’s satisfaction in the first place and as professionals, we strive in bringing excellent service to our clients. Having high quality alone will not suffice in the construction industry, and for the client to be fully satisfied with our work, our services include prompt service and on schedule delivery of the works.
    Experience And Knowledge

We have a combined experience of more than few decades. Our people are well trained by our various international manufacturer counterparts. Our manufacturers are our associates and partners. We are well informed by our associates of every new technology available in the market. We shared information both ways. We advised our partners of our clients’ requirements, and they developed the products, and we work together to ensure the best methods of installation.
    Innovation And Improvement

We believe in continuous process of learning; from existing technologies and products, by experimenting, we learn and improve. We have innovated and improved techniques in our installation works that no other applicator in the world has ever emulated.

We will continue to improve existing technologies with new technologies and products to innovate more changes to serve our clients better.
    Cost Effectiveness And Value Engineering

We do not just give our clients what they want, but we offer them what they really need. We analyse our clients�problems and requirements, then we propose to them cost effective and value engineering systems. We will advise our clients against potential problem and issues with their current specifications. To ensure our client’s satisfaction, we also ensure that they do not over specify their requirements.
    Commitment And Assurances

In order to ensure our client of our commitment in quality, our company has achieved various ISO standards. We have been continuously upgrading from ISO 9002: 1994 to ISO9001: 2000 and ISO9001: 2008. We also guarantee the products and services that we provide.
  . Workplace Safety And Health

Apart from work excellences, we ensure that we maintained a high standard of safety during our work. Our company and staff has be commended and attained best safety awards repeatedly and numerous times in all the projects that we have handled.

We continue to strive to achieve the highest safety standard like OSHAS 18001 and Bizsafe Level 5.

We ensure that all our site staffs are sent for safety training and they achieved various levels of safety qualifications. We employed capable safety personnel on site to ensure that all workers understand and follow safe work procedures so that the responsibility is to every individual. And end of the day, every individual work safely and return safely.