Friday | 20  July 2018

Corrosion Proof Construction (Asia) Pte Ltd installs reliable high performance grout that is supplied by reputable manufacturer. Optimum Grouts were specifically designed to provide critical support for machinery and equipment operating in wide array of service conditions.

They handle:
• Typical unbalance forces and movements
• Highest strength retention at elevated temperatures up to 200 F
• Maximum crack resistance
• Highest load bearing capabilities
• Excellent chemical resistance

Optimum Grouts
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There are various types of Optimum grouts designed for each individual or multiple environments.
They are made of:
• Non shrink cementitious grout
• Novolac epoxy grout
• Epoxy grout
• Vinyl Ester grout
• High strength epoxy grout

Performance also depends on the quality of the high-exothermic grout cure with material thermal stress to relieve cracking as temperature falls to ambient conditions after complete cure is achieved. Optimum grout achieve superior bearing area with lower exothermic temperature, non foaming polymer and unique aggregates that provide excellent flow that minimize air trap.

Optimum grouts are used in refineries, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic plants, power generation and many other plants. They are mainly used for generators, engines, process equipment compressor, power generation turbines, etc.
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