Friday | 20  July 2018

Installing of industrial flooring protects the concrete floor against various wear and tear, and abuse and at the same time provides aesthetic appearance. Industrial floor has many other functions and properties.
Monolithic Flooring

Industrial floor functions and properties:
• Aesthetic
• Monolithic
• Easy to sterilize and clean
• Prevent accident hazard (skid resistant)
• High Tensile and Compressive strength
• Chemical Resistant
• Tolerance to prevent water puddle
• Create slopes to provide falls
• Electro-Static Dissipative
• Thermal shock resistant
• Easy to maintain
Epoxy Coating
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Various types of Industrial Flooring:
• Epoxy and Polyurethane Coating
• High strength and temperature resistant screed
• Self levelling
• Broadcast colour quartz / Flakes
• Terrazzo
• Conductive and ESD
• Chemical Resistant
• MMA fast set system
Chemical resistant elastomeric joint sealant is installed over expansion joints to provide homogenous chemical resistant and uniformity and at the same time compensating movement of expansion joint.

Controlled high quality installation method could provide a better appearance floor compared to conventional tiles or vinyl. Floor systems are used in carpark, workshops, factories, electronic plants, food processing plants, clean rooms, pharmaceuticals and petrol chemical plants, etc.

Monolithic Flooring
Monolithic Flooring
Monolithic Flooring
Monolithic Flooring