Tuesday | 25  October 2016
Welcome to Corrosion Proof Construction (Asia) Pte Ltd

Corrosion Proof Construction (Asia) Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1997 to provide one corrosion protection for structural steel, containment and flooring for harsh environment such as Electronice, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industries, etc.

We acquired technologies from western manufacturers that supply high chemical resistant products. Representing them in Asia, we provide one stop corrosion protection solution to meet our client's needs.
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Industrial Flooring Industrial Flooring

Find out more about our different types of floorings and coatings we offer for corrosion protection
We install high strength and chemical resistant equipment foundation grout.
We specialist in all types of polymers industrial flooring, we also provide installation of chemical resistant tiles flooring system.
We carried out protection of structural steel and concrete structure by thorough surface preparation and application of polymer coatings.
Installation of chemical resistant lining for steel and concrete tanks and pipes protects the substrates againist chemical corrosion.